how to be present


  • I try to remind myself to allow it to happen as much as possible; it helps in clarity of presence.

    Some tricks: Notice where you hold tension in your body. Shoulders? Imagine a cord over your head holding your shoulders up. Then cut it using a word like, “Release” or hear the sound of scissors snipping. You will probably have to repeat it a few seconds later, as the shoulders are GOING to want to go back up; they were used to that position.

    Cut, relax, repeat. Sounds like a hair salon.

    Anyway, it works.

    You can consciously relax any muscle in your body. You’re not going to accidentally shit yourself [unless you have a problem at the time], so just relax your muscles – at least the ones that are tense.

    Then, look up. Look to the left and up a little. Just a glance.

    That’s about all it takes. Suddenly you hear stuff around you you didn’t notice a moment before.

    There’s a lot of complicated methods for getting there, and they work as well. Basically, you’re giving yourself triggers. Pavlov doggie style, but perhaps a little less saliva and a little more “getting you back to that place” in a jiffy.

    If you’ve never been there before.. well.. then you might need some more complicated methods to break though some crud first. Or you might not. Everybody’s different.
  • Kenneth Udut oh yeah and counting when you breath. One method is breathing in for a count of six, holding for six, breathing out for a count of six.

    or 5

    or 10

    or 2.


    It’s just being conscious of something you don’t normally pay attention. And – that’s the point: being present is paying attention to something you don’t normally pay attention to: RIGHT NOW.

    That’s why noticing the stuff your body does without trying to control but rather ‘letting it go’ is so helpful: your brain is ALWAYS doing something with your muscles at the present moment. Doing the opposite of control; going into “aware”, makes a big difference to your sense of presence.


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