How to be famous or be Kenneth Udut online.

ah, one of my favorite topics.
Want to be famous?
It’s easy.
Do the same thing over and over and over again.  You have to become a stereotype.  You’re known for ONE ‘thing’ and don’t deviate from that for a second.  Then people will know what to expect from you; they can predict your behavior; they feel in control because, well, you’re their puppet, really.

I’ve used that methodology but in a different way:

I keep my creativity and ability to present what I feel like by the friends I keep.  I know how to get millions of followers; I don’t want to.

Here’s what I do:

a) I am the stereotype of the nice guy, the Curiousity Shoppe owner, the eccentric professor, the neighbor-down-the-street that all the everybody seems to adore but “normal people” don’t fully understand – the Imaginary Friend, the Coach who believes in you.

Thankfully, that is also me, which makes it easier.

b) I find people who are interesting but perhaps have few followers.  They want followers.  I like their stuff.  I am genuinely interested in what they have to say.  I comment.  They like me.  They friend me.  I friend their friends.  I do the same thing.  I friend the friends of their friends.  Repeat.

c) I maintain the friendships.  I occasionally will give extended time/effort to each one but avoid “hanging out” without focus.  Used to do that; it was enjoyable but a time suck.

d) If someone becomes clingy, I have to avoid contact.  I wait until they’ve given up.  Then I contact them and apologize.  The clinginess repeats.  I repeat until we get an understanding; we’re friends but I can’t always be there to spend lots of live time – and it’s true.  This part can sometimes take months or even years.

e) In my materials, when I start finding people expect me to repeat what I’ve done before, “Oh you should do more Sail spoofs on Vine!” or “You should do more science stuff”; I do a few, make them happy – then I avoid doing whatever that is for a time; as to avoid becoming typecast while retaining friendships and interest.

So there ya go.  I’ve taken the technique of “be the stereotype” and repeating behavior and letting people know what to expect from me.  I’m consistently “myself’.

if I wanted to be famous, I’d take away the “be myself” part and e) would change to  1) finding out what they like best 2) repeating it

So there.  The secret of #KennethUdut – I’ll never get more than 6000-7000 followers on a network because, honestly, I can’t handle more than that.  I feel like I know everybody personally, as much as it can be done; but I think if I crossed any higher, they’d just become “followers” and “fans”; not something I want.

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