How to be a Scientist:

Indeed. “See everybody? Works!”

How to be a Scientist:
a) Find the least normal scenario and make it work
b) Send Press Release from an Edu a few minutes after submitting Paper to Open Access Science Publishing Website and checking the link works.
c) Wait for phone to ring.for hot dates.

Once Media Press Release gets to Buzzfeed (or similar), it reaches Facebook.

Fanboys go “yay Science! Somebody will verify it because it’s Science!”

No Scientist bothers to replicate experiment.
Regular people try it.
Regular people are disappointed.
Regular people say “Science is stupid. It doesn’t work.”

Fanboys go, “Where’s your degree in Science? Must be Oral Roberts University. Yay Science!”

Follow similar steps to be a Defense Attorney.  “Find the least normal scenario and make it work” is key.

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