How to apologize for the big mistakes, like betrayal.

*How to apologize for the _big mistakes_*
1) Acknowledge that you did it.
(hardest part for most people)
2) Explain what happened
(this can take a few minutes, or a few days. For example, when you betrayed a friend. They need some time to process and they may have a lot of questions and anger to get out)
3) Express remorse
(the “I’m Sorry” part.  If you knock over someone’s glass of milk, you say “I’m sorry” right away; this list is for apologizing for the BIG things.. and they take some time)
4) Repair the damage as much as you can.
(especially important when you betrayed someone’s trust in you.  It can take a while to rebuild it. But it *is* possible if you keep at it).

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