How the body protects itsel

How the body protects itself: First Line of Defense:

” Mechanical – examples include the skin, which acts as a barrier, and the sticky mucus on mucous membranes, which serves to trap pathogens.

Physical – examples include coughing, sneezing, vomiting, and diarrhea. Although not pleasant, these serve to expel pathogens that have gotten past the initial barriers.

Chemical – examples include tears, saliva, and perspiration. These have a slightly acidic nature that deters pathogens from entering the body while also washing them away. In addition, stomach acids and enzymes serve to kill germs.”

Notice how these methods used by the body are exactly the same type of methods we use to protect and clean things that we own. Stick a drop cloth on it, or use wax (traps dust making it easier to wipe away. Physical – sweeping the floor. Chemical, Pinesol, bleach, soap and water.

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