How people normally write vs Monomyth / Epic version.

Compare/Contrast: How people normally write, and the #monomyth version. (think #StarWars or most movies)
==== regular ======
People hate when I tell stories in real life. They’re always like “GET TO THE POINT”. Well, sometimes I don’t have a point. Well, I do, but I don’t always know what it is until I get enough space to ‘get it all out’ and usually”the point” presents itself along the way to someone else BEFORE it presents itself to me.

They interrupt me, summarize, “So you’re saying…” to hurry me up, and if they get it, I’m like, “Cool, you got it!” and if not, I’m like, “Not quite”.

Such is why I prefer writing.

Once, I was a boy who told stories.
But the people were impatient with me.
I was frustrated.
But then, an elder came by and taught me the ways of writing.
And so, I wrote.
I battled the forces of language and grammar, defeated the grammar Nazi’s in school on my poor use of commas by my creative use of metaphor and blasted my way through the education system by avoiding telling stories verbally and sticking to writing as much as possible.
But my journey is not yet finished.
One day I will stand up on stage..
I will face my greatest foe.
I will tell The Story that will mesmerize the audience. It will be clear, concise, to the point while also bringing them on a journey that they never want to end.
I will tell them of my time as a boy, when I told stories that no one wanted to hear.
I will speak of my frustration, the forces I battled from without – and my greatest enemy…
…from within.
And when I have finished, they will cheer and I will return home victorious!
And they will call upon me to speak and pay for my travel and hotel stays!
And I will speak with purpose, clarity and with the long dead elder, always just off somewhere in the crowd, approving of his student, who has surpassed the Master.
Others will write my stories down. I will inspire billions! I will never have to write again, as my every word will be golden.
Armies shall rise to defeat the humiliation felt by those who cannot tell a story with introduction, three main points and a conclusion, and the world will be forever changed.
From then on, the people forever listened to me and the boy I once was will smile, satisfied that he has been vindicated.
And on that day, I will know that that boy, has become a man.

There. Monomyth version of what I said above.

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