How many times must a photon bounce before going

How many times must a photon bounce before going full circle and seeing what it sees?
Kenneth Udut
10/7/2013 11:15 AM

How many times must a photon bounce before going full circle and seeing what it sees?

In other words, if you can draw a line, you can describe everything in the universe because it is no difference between a line on a piece of paper and life of a photon.

Each bounce takes away velocity. Example: when light passes through something transparent, it changes angle.n

It takes two bounces to pass through a piece of glass.

It bounces off of something when it hits, and it changes direction. It bounces off of something else when it exits, returning back to the way it was

So, in reality light may not bounce at all

Bouncing ideas off. Lol. Bouncing is good. We like bouncing balls

If it sees a word and can’t read it it must know how that word relates to other words that are related to it.

Which language has the most dimensions?

Mike triangle map was seven dimensions because it was three outer dimensions three inner dimensions and an inner fold.

a single inner fold, or a single line radiating from the center, just one more dimension allows something to become self aware.

That’s all it needs.

If you reduce the amount of Angles, you reduce the number of dimensions and simplify.

An angle is a container. It is no different than a box inside of a box.

How many different sized boxes do I need?
This is also granularity. Or Russian nesting dolls.

The Most interesting things will also reflect the most light. Or absorb the light.
How interesting is a black dot on a white wall?

It absorbs the most light, and it is also probably 3-D which adds another dimension

So, we instantly gravitate towards it. And gravity pulls in light and so do interesting things.


If something is a mystery, just go out or in a dimension. That’s all you have to do

Change the angle and the zoom and see if it’s in a larger box or the same box or a smaller box.

Remember: when something is confusing, your minds ability to reason is higher dimension to work within.

Somebody else’s mind is also in the same dimension is you, because it is hidden from you right now as much as you are hidden from yourself sometimes.

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