how many does my computer REALLY have? compared to nerve endings… BASIC — architecture hasn’t changed

As a human, I have eyes, ears, nose, mouth, a few others senses, each with millions of ports.  Every nerve ending is a port.  So I wondered, how many does my computer really have?   Well, one of the first things that came up on a Google search was about as #retro  as it gets;

A few years ago, a guy sold a board that does the instant 1 second boot-into-basic and showed PEEK and POKE commands… which was about the easiest way to access.. well, anything anywhere on your computer at any time.

Anyway, even though the info seems old fashioned and out of date, computers haven’t changed much since the 1980s.

Shocking to believe.  But.. they haven’t.  Better?  Yeah.  Faster?  yeah.  More?  Yeah.  Fundamentally the same conceptually?  Yeah.  This holds true for just about any device that does “computer-like things”.

It follows the same/similar model to this.  If you understand THIS, you, you understand pretty much all general purpose computer hardware anywhere in the world.

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