how i reach understanding

I enter these things with the assumption that there are real human beings on the other end of this, and I always keep that in mind.

I also know that we use different words to mean the same things and many arguments are over little quibbly bits like de
finitions and such, and other times there is a genuine misunderstanding.

I like finding the mutual understanding. When people are communicating, even when they are doing it for the sake of argument, they’re still seeking mutual understanding of some kind or another, whether it be, “Hey cool we’re on the same page here!” or they’re seeking “we mutually understand that I am superior and you are inferior”.

So, I try to find _some_ kind of agreement. it’s always possible in some way, although I usually give those who like the fight-process a good bang for their buck, just for the sake of the game that they like to play.

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