How I got out of 9/11 [Kenneth Udut]

A week before the training class, when it showed up on my schedule, I asked to get out of it. My boss couldn’t, so I escalated it to his boss. He couldn’t. So I escalated to HIS boss. I had to go three levels up and make my case.

I didn’t need basic Unix training because I already know it. Also, my job has NOTHING TO DO with Unix so, as nice as the certificate would be, there’s no benefit to this course in my job whatsoever.

She agreed.

That day, I went to work as normal. My mother didn’t know I’d gotten out of the training – she just heard me complaining about having to go to NYC all week long for all day long classes on something I don’t need.

So, she thought I was going there each day.

Since my job was about 15 miles away (straight line) to the Twin Towers, I saw them from the top of our 7 story parking garage.

I saw one standing up, and a cloud of smoke next to it with my naked eyes.

Unbelievable. I just stood there looking at the NY skyline changing.

Never expected the second one to hit. Not at all. That was almost more of a shock than the first because that meant something REALLY BIG was going on here.

Friday that week, I got a dozen roses for my boss’ boss’ boss and a thank you card. What else could I do? I had no idea.

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