How do you learn that someone is far away from God as you do?

I’ve never left any organization I was a part of.
I was baptised Catholic after birth for being extremely premature in the days when a lot died. (28 weeks).
I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy; had physical/occupational therapy to get through and was able to go to regular school.
Was born half deaf and half blind; was very active in my Methodist church growing up, being an after school custodian from age 13-18 – at the building 7 days a week, often spending time sitting in the pews, reading books in the little libraries and such in there.
Had a teacher show me Baha’i, look at Unitarian Universalist for a bit, Episcopal, Catholic, was Orthodox for a few years, looked at Osho, science, etc.
All intellectual activities; looking at ranges of human behavior and systems.
But my own journey’s been mine and my relationship’s my own.
My closeness or distance to God is something I don’t know how one can discern over the internet in this fashion though. Fascinating capability.

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