How do you define power? How do you define leadership?

I believe the greatest power and leadership is found among those who help shape the minds that will lead in the future.

Each one of those boys and girls has an opportunity to become future political leaders, scientists, religious leaders, social leaders.

THAT is power.

How do you define power? How do you define leadership?

Standing behind a podium and talking?
Signing a paper after debating in a wooden room with each other?
Is that power?

2012 one powerful person signs one thing.
2015 another powerful person removes it.

2012: person who works with youth influences their thinking significantly.
2040 They were the final bridge to world peace.


There’s definitely “boys clubs” out there. But there’s “girls clubs” too, and being someone who was excluded regularly from “girls clubs” because I have a .,. was an oppression I got used to. Still doesn’t make it right. Gender equality is about working to eliminate gender bias across the board, not perpetuating men v women.


anyway, sorry for the rant. I don’t mean to minimize your opinion it’s just not as one-sided an issue as it seems. I suspect I’m in the minority view and expect it doesn’t hold as much weight. I’m fine with that.


ou can invalidate my opinion. I am a white male, 43 years old. I know where I belong in the ladder. I was discouraged entry into working with kids in education. I could’ve fought it, but I didn’t. Instead I switched to traditional male jobs in computers and IT.

Maybe I don’t know what it’s like because I have a penis.

But I think I do.


I agree there is a real problem in inequality. I’m 43. I grew up believing the ERA would pass in the USA. It didn’t. Women can still get paid differently. My mother’s pay was cut to 1/2 of what the previous man’s was in the same position. They did a job title change from “manager” to “supervisor” when they hired her, and slashed the salary. Very powerful position in the government office, but ERA problems _is_ a reality.

But do you know what I have gotten my whole life?

“All men are [x]…. except for you Ken… you’re not like that”.

A lifetime of that. It really sucks. If you perpetuate stereotyping along gender lines, you’re causing the problem and perpetuating it, whatever your gender happens to be.


But this is where I should become an Alpha male and fight for power because All men do that. I’m just a wimp, not a real man. It’s a message I’ve heard from all genders and I’m fine with it. I was also boxed in as a “nerd” in 3rd grade by meangirls.

DO you KNOW the power of meangirls? It’s not just girls or women either. Men all over the Internet behave the same way.

They’re a very powerful grouping and show up in all levels of society.

I’m not saying you’re wrong because you’re not. I have a minority opinion. But I feel the need to express it just the same.

I hope you do Michael J Carter like emoticon I’ve been trying to get the nerve together to do it myself. I took courses in child psychology in 1990/1991 and knew it was the field I belonged in.

I got to volunteer with kids that had cerebral palsy for a year after I had to leave school due to financial reasons. The kids loved me, the teachers loved me. I was going to go into Occupational Therapy or further psychology courses towards becoming a middle school special ed teacher.

But… when I’d bring it up as a career, the eyes would go down to my ring finger.

“Maybe you should consider another profession. It won’t be easy for a male in these fields. Do you have a girlfriend?”

I got the message. I gave up and pursued careers with computers and such. I don’t regret a single page of my life history so far, as my experiences helped define who I am, and I like who I am.

But still, I feel bad for others that this happens to that might not be as tough.




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