How different would things be if

^How different would things be if instead of wasting time with "Who is right and wrong?" instead it was "This is the Truth fits with the Truth I believe?" It would be more accurate, would it not?

Nothing would need change in law, in scientific activities, in mathematics, in religious activities except for one thing: Acceptance. "This is the truth that works for me. That is the truth that works for you." We are all storytellers and readers: We generally wish to convince others to agree. We like the feeling of Agreement from other humans. I do too.

But what story is absolutely true? Some have said, "None of them!" some have said, "Only those who fit our established criteria for True." But who has said, "It is all true?" I'd like to know. For now, I will say it. "It's all true." We all see from different eyes and different brains and the stories we tell are like music that either resonatates or disagrees with us, like Broccoli or Pork Rinds or classical vs country.

Since everything we see is things that "just happened", we are always looking literally into the past, either with our eyes or memories, and based on patterns we find, we predict what is going to happen next and assume certain things will remain the same. When we see repetition, we rejoice and say, "See, it happened again! It must be true."

But it only takes one person to say "No its not!" to potentially falsify the entire thing. But if they were both right – "yes, this is true." and "No, it is not true" – the problem is resolved.


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