”How can you wish someone

”How can you wish someone RIP or ”Rest In Peace” when their last moments were troubled? It’s a logical fallacy.” – a friend asked a good question. This was my first thoughts; and perhaps it may help you. -Ken

Well, the hope is that either a) there’s an After where peace may be found or b) it’s simply over and if you define Peace as stability, nothingness is pretty stable – hence peaceful.

Awareness of one’s own peacefulness after death is another thing.

Also, in a lot of language (we see this phenomenon in math all of the time): There are a lot of hidden words that are unspoken/unexpressed // much like eliminating variables in math. They’re still there, but unseen.

So *perhaps* in this case R.I.P might be thus:

”[May my troubled memories of this individual] Rest In Peace”

In other words, a wish that reflects back to the sender, helping them cope with a difficult situation.

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