“How can I cut a magnet in half?” – that’s magnetic monopole

monopole: free floating – or free floating + basically.

In short, the age ol’ question:

“How can I cut a magnet in half?”

Yeah, it’s the Zen quest, the Holy Grail, the sound of one hand clapping (without making your hand clap itself) :P

The Koan.

One of the religious parts of the field, honestly  :)

But it’s like trying to chop up Time.


Well by chopping up Time I mean like experiencing a present without a before and an after – that sort of thing.

Not impossible but it’s more like self-reinforcing causal loop – like a Time eddy, than it is actually stopping time.


The mistake about the monopole thing is, I think, is they’re thinking of it like a noun full of parts than like a verb.

magnetism is a verb. it’s an activity – something’s moving.

Can’t stop it. Can’t make it a noun and say, “Ok, we now found a monopole which is a part-of magnetism.

How do you chop up an action into parts without stopping the action?


Oh absolutely. I mean I think in the end they’ll be fancy magic tricks but it could be very practical, especially if we want to speed up computer processing.

Superimpose some of the logic up into a higher dimension so you can a sort of ‘pseudo” simultaneousity and from OUR human perspective, this shit’s flying fast.



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