How can a politician say “What about the children?” when little johnny is a peeping tom?

I never really understood any of the restrictions against masturbation. I mean, it’s not something for public. Maybe it’s related to the myth of childhood and innocence and stuff? How can a politician say “What about the children?” when little johnny is a peeping tom? Eh, never made sense to me.

Always seemed to be a matter of social control, whatever the over-riding excuse



For whatever flaws it may have in some of the info, I LOVE Wikipedia for the “related” links: it always eventually gets me to the thing I’m really looking for.Well, it was all part of something even LARGER than the religious pressure: The Clean Living movements, some of them which continue today, were sweeping the USA, and today,, just like then, people will grab hold of ANYTHING that they think will make them healthier.


ugh I saw Eugenics in there. I cringe everytime I think of Eugenics. They had it all logically figured out. All scientific. All made perfect science. Racist at its core, unethical, anti human… and it was RIGHT HERE in this country I was born in, and not all that long ago in our history. Freakin’ embarrassing to me.


Oh agreed. I also get peeved with… oh what is it called… I think it’s evolutionary psychology. I’m forgetting the name. But it’s the one that spawned ridiculous things like alpha male and stuff. It came out in the early 70s, was everywhere in the 80s in “how to succeed in business” books all through to today.. and it’s a bunch of BS.



“Be an alpha male to attract women because women are attracted to the pack leader” – all that shit. ugh, and idiots keep believing it.


I remember that one. That’s when I took notice and was like, “I like that Amanda person”… I’ve been hearing that crap since I was a kid in the 80s and instead of it going away, it got worse and worse and worse… both men and women alike were using to justify some really STUPID ideas… groups were using it to promote their agendas, all believing that “Science had their backs”.

I mean, it’s not that we can’t draw SOME parallels between animal behavior and human behaviors: Of course we can.

But EvoPsych just takes it WAY too far… trying to stretch back to our evolutionary roots to not only try to EXPLAIN ‘why’ we do what we do” but THEN to try to JUSTIFY IT? … and people believe it.

I think it’s primarily been used as a tool for academic, typically white males to justify misogyny and racism. Other groups have used it too for their own purposes, but when prominent science educators start spewing this crap it just makes me feel like I’m stuck somewhere in the 19th century wondering where my century went.

My hatred of it is because I’m a fan of Science generally and when I see people utilizing scientific methodologies to justify stupid shit (whatever that stupid shit is – and social darwinism DEFINITELY qualifies as stupid shit), I get angry. Science is supposed to check their agendas out at the door of the lab, not use the lab as a magnifying glass for their own prejudices.


That really gets me riled up. I stopped watching the Science channel 3 years ago (I was devoted to it for a long time – eating it all up) when I started seeing this “movement” infiltrating it. The tone changed from “Hey, here’s a cool thing you might not know” into SCIENCE KNOWS ALL.

Education turned into evangelism. They went from Advocacy into Politics and drawing up us/them lines, welcoming the splitting up of families over these things, drawing recruits in from the young to overthrow the old regime of … whatever.

I don’t like it. I like Science but I don’t “fucking love Science”. I want it to lead us into the future but not by becoming a political movement.

I suppose it always was a bit of a political movement – right from the 19th century … but I feel like they’ve picked up some 19th century weapons and they’re fighting with them, using 21st century media to do so.



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