horserace flip?

“I don’t know. You could also say that a horse race is just the summation of all the energy expended by each horse, relative to it’s own effeciency.

*not summation, just energy/efficiency of each horse. Basically the race is determined once they leave the starting box, barring collisions.”

Wow, this is a spicy take… flip the script and say that the outcome of horse races is actually predestined, and the race itself is just a measurement problem? _
Ok, not gonna do blocktime on a horse race. Nope. I need my branching states.
Block universe is simply “IF WE COULD GO TO THE FAR FUTURE”. Well, we can’t.
I’ll click likes for the perspective shift but that does not imply agreement with the methodology, although it’s functionally equivalent I _supPOSE_


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