(Hoping Dynamic Attending Theory can explain this as this is all about attending or active, willful synchronizing with one’s self and the outside world -Ken 8/19/20)

(Hoping Dynamic Attending Theory can explain this as this is all about attending or active, willful synchronizing with one’s self and the outside world -Ken 8/19/20)
*Butterfflies of the Mind.* -Kenneth Udut 4/29/13
I sat here for a moment, staring off into space. The picture showed up in my mind. This picture was of a version of me.
I was walking through a forest. Lush green grass, lush green trees, different bark. The ground was flat. Where I walked, there were butterflies all around. As I walked without stopping I captured each butterfly gently in my hand and quickly found a place for them behind Me. I did not see where that place was. I just saw myself catching each butterfly and putting it behind me at full speed with out changing my speed of walking.
As I walked, and kept walking, arrows would go by me and I knocked it out of my way. All without stopping. I captured butterflies while blocking the arrows. And the earth opens up below me. I keep walking. Never stopping.
I calmly walked down into the hole that opened before me. I walk down into the depths catching butterflies and then bats. I catch the bats and give them a place behind me. Each of them is a negative thought. And I travel in the chasm, jumping over a lava but never changing speed. Never going faster. Never going slower.
I battle monsters, and demons, effortlessly and all the while catching every bat and butterfly that comes along. Reaching behind me. And putting in there. They all continue to live.
The bats and the butterflies are not uncomfortable where they are. They cannot feel trapped. They do not feel caged. They feel free! Each of them living happily in the new environments I temporarily gave.
I defeat skeletons, I defeats many bad things. And then I travel back up the other side of the cavern. I use whatever means are necessary. It may be a rope. Maybe ladders. It may be walking through caves and natural rockclimbing to get up. It does not matter.
I do not change speed. I keep my same pace. Nothing changes my pace. I continue to capture the bats and the butterflies as they come along. I put them behind me.
At times, a butterfly or ABAT will come forward! I do not know how that’s but they come forward and they make themselves known. They have something to tell me. Something to remind me of. Maybe important, and maybe whimsical, it may be something sad. But, it is something I need at that time. All the while never stopping never wavering never losing pace always catching Every butterfly and every bat I travel along.
Finally I reach back up to the surface. Traveling at the same pace.
Then, I reach the hill. I climb up the hill, which turns out to be a mountain. The largest mountain ever seen. Larger than anything anyone has ever seen.
It gets colder but I do not complain. The butterflies are less and less but now there are birds. These birds are all around me. And I’m catching them and putting them behind me in places where they can live and be happy while I travel along.
There are birds and there are bats and there are butterflies all behind me. I reach the top of The mountain. I defeat Gollums along the way.
Never stopping. Never wavering. Never losing focus.
Now, I go down the mountain. And I keep walking. I travel across rivers I climb over more mountains I am climb through caverns. I go through the fields. All the while catching butterflies and birds and bats.
I reach a tiny village. In this village there are people. I now have to socialize. And I do so. Never stopping or wavering or resting.
I do more listening than talking, for I find that talking can be distracted but, soon I learned how to talk. And continue. Walking and talking. And catching.
But then, suddenly, I am surrounded by a group of people. These people are of all ages. From young to old they stop me.
It is the first time I have stopped. But all the while I continue catching butterflies and birds and bats.
I do not like being forced to stop.
It is very uncomfortable for me.
They provide a chair for me. For the first time in my life I sit down.
Two small children walk up next to me and they each grab my hands.
They pull my arms down to my sides. They hold of them there. Butterflies the bats and birds continue to swarm around me.
But suddenly, something strange happens, the birds and bats and the butterflies start to travel behind me on their own! The kids have my hands held still. I am in a chair and cannot move. But the birds and bats in the butterflies all swoop behind me. I do not know what they do. For I cannot see.
This is my first time stopping. This is my first time sitting. This is my first time not catching butterflies bats and birds.
Finally a small boy walks up to me.
He stands in front. He looks me straight in the eyes.
He says to me, ”Sir, have you looked behind you? Have you seen what has happened? Have you seen what you have accomplished?”
I reply, ”no. I have never looked behind me. I have simply captured each butterfly bat and bird as they came along. I know it is important. But I do not know why. ”
The two children let go of my hands. The boy takes my hands and picks me up. He turns me around as I face the creation.
The most wondrous thing ever seen in the history of all things!
It is all things. It is all times. It is all places. It is all sizes. It is # all.
Everybody I have ever known. Everybody I will ever know. Every thought I ever thought. Every dream I ever had. Things I have never seen. Things I will never know. They have all organized themselves. They were self organizing. All the time. They were working. On their own.
And all I did, is bring them together. Never stopping. Never Wavering. Never giving up. Never knowing why.
The knowledge of all things is contained within each part. The knowledge is Holographic, the smallest part contains everything.
The boy says, ”your job is complete.”
I wish I could describe what I could see.
The birds the bats and the butterflies all disperse. Each one of them containing everything that was contained within the everything.
They travel along the earth. They communicate this knowledge to each other. Bats to other bats to other birds to other butterflies. And they transfer this knowledge of everything to everybody. # Each is touched they understand. Their eyes glow with the knowledge of understanding.
No one is afraid anymore.
No one will be scared again.
Everyone can enjoy themselves. With no fear, no anxiety,
No one will be cruel. All Will be kind. There is no more ignorance.
As the planet is transformed and I can enjoy myself, A spaceship is getting ready to launch. The ship contains a pair of butterflies, a pair of bats, and a pair of birds.
There is no need for humans for this journey.
We are simply doing this because we know it needs to be done. And we know it will work.
For all people can see all things. All times. All places.
We can travel in our minds to any place and any time and be with anyone that we desire for we know and understand everything.
Nothing is left in the dark again.
All ignorance is like a shadow once exposed to light it disappears.
And no one will ever be alone again..
Kenneth Udut. My Thanks to SIRI – she did all the typing for me. I just did the Lucid Talking.
[Note: This is my response when I asked myself the question: ‘when you lay on your deathbed and say to yourself, ‘I’m so glad I spend all that time on the Thought Collector” – WHY were you so glad?” This was the answer that came out. I *never* expected this and I still don’t know to make of it. Maybe you can. -Ken 5:33p]

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