**Hope.** That is what Youtube is destroying with this.

That is what Youtube is destroying with this.

I have this same complaint with every service that promotes already heavily seen content.  I’ve seen it with Youtube, Vine, musical.ly, Facebook, wherever.

New kids come in, creative and full of ideas, and the bar for some **reward** is just too high.  Any reward.

My suggestion for V2 is gamification.  Little rewards for little efforts,  Milestones.  Do this? You get that.  Do this other thing? You level up some more.  It makes it *fun* to _**engage**_ with the service and community, rather than being passive “viewers” making heckling comments from the back of the audience.

Micro creators need encouragement otherwise we end up with the same ol’ same ol’ small group of elites with everybody else feeling like nobodies.

Nobody should feel like that, not if you want a future with new brains, new talent, new ideas.

It’s not about the money.  Give stepped rewards that can lead you there.

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