HOOK ME UP? I’m already here. and so are you. Welcome.

I don’t worry about this kind of future because people will freak out about it, and government regulators will step in and slow down progress, just like they did with cloning.

Silly overblown fears will slow down progress and none of this will be realized.  Its how it always happens.  And if some industrialist gets ‘out of control”, market forces and people getting pissed off will take it down a notch or two.

Besides, why the hell would AI want to take over this pile of dirt?  So silly.  Only PEOPLE WHO WANT TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD are afraid that AI WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

I don’t wanna take over the world.  I just want my robot powered beer.  HOOK ME UP?  I’m already here.
and so are you.  Welcome.

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