Honestly? i wish they’d downplay the bad guys.

Some young people idolize serial killers. See them as powerful.
Many? I don’t think it’s many. But some. My niece for example, now in her mid 20s, was always fascinated by Hitler; even wrote a high school paper called “Coffee with Hitler”.

So, there’s a fascination there. But will she kill a bunch of people and take over a nation? Unlikely.

So it’s present.

Does media contribute? Sure. Think about the events in other countries. If the media didn’t report them, would so many people be so angry about it?

Is it possible media glorification of the fame/infamy of serial killers contributes? Yes, I believe so.

It’s also possible they can get a book from a library, or research online as well. I suppose that’s media as well.

Our love of hating the horrible, of highlighting THE BAD GUY, I believe, -does- encourage some whose grasp on reality is whispy, to see it as their only option to having a life that’s meaningful.

If you can’t be famous, be infamous.

Honestly? i wish they’d downplay the bad guys.

But they won’t. News isn’t there to inform us. News is there to encourage advertisers to put their ads on their channel/website. Those advertisers are ultimately paying the news companies. The news companies then provide news that is entertaining for people to watch.

We’re entertained by bad guys. What are we doing right now? Talking about a bad guy. We’re a part of it. I’m a part of the problem.

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