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  • CJ As a person in actuality, I am just waiting tables in order for IT to be set aside. Kant Weight.
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  • Kenneth Udut CJ Thank you for sharing that – in a moment it brushed aside many jaded years and reminded me of something I forgot. I need to revisit.


  • Kenneth Udut CJ in particular.

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  • CJ See why the felines ravish the earth? Just moan.
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  • Kenneth Udut sadhu. A song by the Bangles was made about his journey in the 80s, although he may have started eating grape leaves. Wasn’t the new guy as I previously thought, although was part of my thought chain that brought me to the thing I needed to revisit. My green book is heavily highlighted, thankfully. Mid 90s Ken thought of 2014 Ken.

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  • CJ Why did not 2014 Kenneth Udut think of 1995 ken? or do you not have room for that? U ARE CLOSE
  • Kenneth Udut CJt bypassing most of 1984-2001 Ken in the process, with a few exceptions. I don’t feel qualified to focus on pre-1980 Ken yet; attempted a 1979 fix but 1980-83 Ken is protecting him still. ’77’-’78 Ken had protection of K+1st grade teacher, and prior, mother’s protection. [Currently 42 years on this planet]. Patching holes for smoother travel. Lots of Father Ken/Son Ken talks ’cause, the young Ken spent years studying and can finally be retroactively informed of at least a few things.
  • Kenneth Udut CJ 1995 Ken found the candles 1984 Ken was looking for. But 2014 Ken doesn’t know what to do with 1995 Ken just yet. The Not-Yet Ken knows what to do with 1995 Ken at least but perhaps 2014 Ken can do something. Actually, is. At present, here. He’s surprised, actually, to see me so soon. He was expecting me in about 20 years hence.
  • CJ Mow you ng R us!
  • Kenneth Udut CJ Tried “take care of extended human family”, business route, academic jug filling and self-puzzle solving, learned much. Application throughout yet though. Principles absorbed more deeply than anticipated. Flipping through (my light green ‘kalia + Vol 4 too; the two I could find immediately) – quite surprised at how much where I simply nodded and said, “Well yes, of course, everybody knows tha… wait… no, I didn’t know that until I read it which is why I highlighted it then…” I must have absorbed more than I thought.

    Some were highlighted by a different hand and a different mind than one I am aware of today… and it is that part which shows me a great incompletion. Where is he? I found other Ken’s, all scattered throughout Time. But who highlighted some of those words and why?

    I don’t think he minds; he’s been otherwise occupied with more appropriate pursuits. But 2014 Ken needs to meet him again and have a chat. But this time, perhaps he will be Otyetz and I, grasshopper..
  • Kenneth Udut CJ But those are excuses. I have been.


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