History of modern atheism, by Kenneth Udut. It is Christian.

But specific to modern atheism? No. Modern atheism is a product of Christiandom, specifically:
a) Judaism
b) Christiandom – East + West met as equals
c) Roman Church split off from Eastern churches, became Roman Catholicism
d) Protestant Reformation splintered off from Roman Church, to “start from scratch”, each in their own ways.
e) The myth of the Reasonable Man came within the tradition of the Protestant reformation
f) The beginnings of modern Science also came from within the tradition of the Protestant reformation.
g) The beginnings of the modern Atheist movement in the 19th century also came from that tradition of the Protestant reformation. The violent and murderous iconoclasm of the atheism within the French Revolution was of a different source.

Most specifically, the modern atheist tradition pitted itself specifically against Southern USA biblical fundamentalism, which it seems to fight primarily against to this day.

In short, the New Atheist movement, line of Dawkins and such, has positioned itself primarily against the legalist Bible-only mentality of the southern USA Bible belt, a product of a 19th century belief in some kind of fundamental divide between Science and Religion, a myth that continues to this day.

In short, if one is an atheist in the 21st century it is a product of Christiandom, most directly connected to the Protestant reformation movement, hence sharing much of the same value system.

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