Historical conformity

Christ is born!

One of the many things that continues to hold me to Orthodoxy without
the least bit of hesitation, is that we hold very strongly to
believing what was always believed, everywhere and by all...

In finding myself in situations where I am speaking to those
of other Christian confessions, I notice while there is a lot
that is similar, one things that is strikingly different is
the absolute lack of this in other Christian confessions.

I mean, all will say that they hold to what was always believed,
in their own way - but if asked to give a few examples, they tend
to have a hard time with this.  The Latins are sometimes close
with this, but then again, anything is changable at what has been
called "the whim of the Pope", and this thing which I do not
comprehend called the Magisterium.  [I profess my ignorance here -
corrections are welcome]

This historical continuity - this self-conscious viewing of
history, not as long ago events but as ever present - is something
that I adore about the Church.

My question is this:

Are there other Christian confessions which have this self-conscious
manner about them?  Which are they?

My secondary question (not as important, but pure curiousity) is
what religions/philosophical-outlooks-on-the-nature of things,
have a self-conscious view of history.  Is this the case in
some of the Eastern religions?  Judaism?  Islam perhaps?

Thank you!

Christ is born!!


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