his dude, with a lifetime in politics, knows the game well and he’s playing full on.

So while I never officially endorsed *any* candidate myself (I couldn’t wear the cloak of democrat in order to get “in”), my values haven’t changed and I can see a smart game player at work and this dude, with a lifetime in politics, knows the game well and he’s playing full on.


Well I was thinking of it in terms of: trojan horse. He got a majority of the demands hammered out with the democrats – and very quickly. There’s some demands left and they’re not forgotten. He gets to speak in Philly now. She wants to win and her ego will force her to stick to her promises because she doesn’t want to look stupid.

I see this very smart maneuver as a way for someone with integrity to get in, and in a big way. The man who commended a very nearly equal amount of supporters now has control not just over his own platform but over hers and the whole democratic party.

Here’s a guy who has played politics his whole life. Not a stupid man at all. While I never endorsed him or anybody yet, I see a smart dude here who knows his stuff.


It’s possible you’re right. Maybe he was bullied into submission. All quite possible. Still though, I’m playing “wait and see”. Consider how far he got DESPITE all the pressure.

But I’m not endorsing anybody yet anyhow. I keep my ears and options open. I’m just presenting this narrative as a possibility:

I’ve still got my eyes on Jill Stein and the libertarian dude, although I don’t know how strong either one is.

But, in the end, I’ll vote with my conscience. No idea what direction that’ll be yet: more data gathering required.



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