His character can be judged by his past business and personal life.

Well, it’s his third time running for President. This time he figured out the right ‘hook’. It was the right historical time for a Republican to be in office: 8 yrs of Democrat would naturally be followed by a Republican, any Republican. Same in reverse.His character can be judged by his past business and personal life.So, there’s a lot of things to draw an opinion from. He’s been in the news in one way, shape or form since at least the 1980s.

 I grew up with him in the news since I was a teenager. My early impression? Typical New York slumlord contractor who doesn’t pay his workers and changes lawyers like a mother changes a baby’s diapers.But he had a certain charm about him and one could overlook some of his flaws due to being sheltered and ignorant, living in his safe environment of people who say “yes Mr Trump” all of the time.

But it was charming in the way that a child who can be a little bratty at times can be charming – the way a little girl who lies and smiles can be ‘cute’ in her cleverness.

But I wouldn’t want to do any business dealings with him. Not because he’s tough – he’s not tough. He’s touchy.

I can just hope that enough people are around to clean up his messes, just like there were always lawyers and spokespeople to clean up his messes as a businessman, who will ensure the USA will manage.

 I don’t hate him. I’m just embarrassed by him.

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