Hi newsguy newsadmin!

Hi newsguy newsadmin!

I am working on an 2-way RSS project and would like to use NNTP as the inbetween delivery system.

However, setting up an NNTP server at home, while easy enough to do, wouldn’t suit the purpose (as I do not have a proper backup system, UPS setup and brownouts are common in this part of Florida in the summertime in any case).

My hope is to be able to utilize your mail/news gateway as a gobetween for this service, as the NNTP protocol is able to handle lots of little things quickly, and email is able to handle lots o little things quickly. (by lots, I don’t mean 100,000 but rather hundreds). They are both mature systems that have stood the test of time.

RSS on the other hand, while an excellent, usable system, is primarily one-way (unless you start dealing with RPC-XML hooks, logins, etc)

My vision is to take an RSS feed. Split it into its elements and place it into a series of emails, the heading a subject line and the body the heading repeated (with url) and the snippet below.
The mailing list portion could happen on yahoogroups or another free mailing list system. [they are easy enough to setup]

This would then be fed, through your gateway, to a single newsgroup for propagation.

Then an existing newsreader or perhaps a web-based NNTP reader could be used by the clients to access the rss-fed newsgroup, not only to read each item or to access it via clicking on the HTML portion (which would keep the RSS element in a “snippet” form and allow the user to find the original article), but would more importantly allow whole disussions to take place, based upon that feed element.

The service I envision would be free and simple, perhaps to the point creating various widgets allowing webmasters to allow easy NNTP feeds for their site – two way discussions that are not locked strictly into their website itself but rather to the CONTENT.

Should it become popular, then by that point, I would be able to secure means for gathering a dedicated NNTP server, allowing the elimination of the mailing list and the need for NewsGuy’s services. And if it is not a raging success (or if I keep the scope very small), then I could continue the setup.

Would this be something you’d be interested in helping an old-school BBSer/newsreader type experimenter do?

I’d appreciate it if you would!

Let me know — Kenneth Udut

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