Hi everyone – i'll be getting

^Hi everyone – i'll be getting to regular fb updates soon – but just wanted to share this.

About a week ago, one of my Admins, Dylan, found out about Amanda Todd for the first time. The bullying, everything.

He was beside himself.. He was very upset and understandably so. When you first learn that this type of thing is even possible it is a shock, and Amanda Todd's suicide and the reasons behind has been striking people since the word got out.

I felt I had to do something.

I suggested that he make a memorial to her as a way to pay tribute to her life and to further the knowledge of the dangers of bullying. After he was done, he said that it made him feel a lot better because he was able to do something about it in his own way.

After a week of busy ness, I finally had a chance to see it today after midnight and all was quiet. I was so touched by the work that he and Skylord_Lemondew did that I found an appropriate song and put it to video.

This is a tribute to Amanda Todd, and to to all of those who have suffered from bullying.^

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