Hi all my friends!!!! Looks

Hi all my friends!!!! Looks like Hurricane Isaac *probably* _hopefully_ won’t hit me. But it will hit a lot of my friends :’-(

I’ll get Tropical Storm winds, which make a BIG mess, but it looks like we’re outside of the *cone of uncertainty* – still, as you see by the hexagon i stuck up there to show you the size — the Tropical Force winds will be ALL over Florida – and heading on up the line.

Wish me and everybody around here lots of luck – and I (*really*) hope we don’t get a power/internet outage – but more than that, any destruction. I hope the same for EVERYBODY in the Hurricane’s path — and in the path of those darned *rain bands* which are REALLY bizarre to experience. I love you awesome people and if you don’t see me here late tonight or tomorrow – *isaac* will be why but i should be back soon!

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