Hi all – I try to *really*

Hi all – I try to *really* limit my promoting of the business on G+ ’cause G+ is more social than anything – plus most of my friends here AREN’T local to me. Affordable Trapping is a business my brother and I run together – he does the trapping, i do the advertising/marketing, dealing with customers, business back-end stuff.

We’ve been doing it for 9+ years now, started off on a whim, really – then, I dunno, it took off. We have several part time employees, specialists who handle particular critters and things. I’ve learned an awful lot about running a small business, the headaches, the triumphs, what works, what DOESN’T work… so I can also talk about #business as well as #animalrescue and #marketingonline and such.

But if you see me in a hangout, you’ll probably just see me being social, since running a business is a lot of hope, a lot of headache – and in our case, the REASON people call us is completely unpredictable – we’ve tried to find patterns of animals, patterns of people – but it changes year to year, month to month.

I’m also a pro at #excel – as well as #piano and just enjoy making new #friends – so there ya go. Be goofy around me and I’ll laugh – and I also am good at listening – I’m a thwarted #scientist and #psychologist – and should’ve been a #professor – maybe someday. But for now, this isn’t a bad way to be, and living in #naplesflorida is awesome.

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