hey use the word “whiteness”

You’re right. In modern Universities, they use the word “whiteness” to describe a subculture that is commonly called aspects of “white people” but is more properly termed “whiteness”.

To those who identify as “white people”, they sometimes find this notion of “whiteness” confusing or annoying, but it’s accurate.


Yes. Whiteness is mostly a peculiarity of the USA, which surprises people from the USA, who think it’s worldwide.

It’s not that other nations don’t use terms like white and black but it’s not the same as there’s an historical difference in the USA regarding “race” which did not happen elsewhere in the same way.


In the USA, “white passing” is enough to grant ‘acceptability’. More specifically, it’s “don’t look too black, don’t look too Jewish, don’t look too Hispanic, don’t look too ‘ethnic’, don’t look too ‘Muslim'”, etc.

This is why plastic surgery is so common in the USA above a certain income level, and why makeup is common in all economic levels: if you fall outside of certain bounds of “normal American looking”, you have to change your appearance to be treated ‘normal’.


I really hope so. I thought it would by now and it continually surprises me just how LONG it takes the USA as a whole to grow up. Sometimes I think we’re 30 years socially behind much of the world.



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