hey all have their white supremacy phase, at least a little

Oh I’m not saying all gun owners are that way – not at all. My ‘s a hunter, lives here. I’ve helped him skin deer and hogs and stuff through the years. He doesn’t have a nazi-ish way. Nor do most gun owners I know.

rs. They all have their white supremacy phase, at least a little. A little “rebel pride”, a little Hitler obsession, a little “Hitler did nothing wrong” – but I think that’s generational ( a Nazi fetish is common among Millennials as they grew up).

It’s just something I noticed. As far as me shooting? Blind in right eye + right handed = no rifle for me and handguns do nothing for me. Throwing knives? Sure. Bow and arrow? I liked it.

Mostly I posted this to see how many people who tell me I’m wrong and why. Nobody got triggered by the suggestion though, which is interesting.


Here’s what’s interesting though: look at the OP.

i never mentioned Nazi symbol.

Yet, everybody knew that’s what I was referring to.

So not just me.


white power’s iron cross though. Southern pride is a dixie flag.

I *did* relate m swastika thing my nephew shared with me earlier though. I’d retell it but it’s the stuff yr olds talk about. XBox, m , guy says “come to my house” it’s a swastia. cringes then starts making his own house a swastika elsewhere. comes by, “What’s that? Looks like a guy dabbing?” sighs and agrees with him ’cause the ‘s like 8. Then the comes back 10 minutes later and says “it’s a Nazi thing right?”

This is what it’s like to have a yr old around the house. Random stories without much point. Then again, so are mine.

It’s just part of the overall culture here. Rednecks. Woods. Plus it’s all over youtube and steam and xbox and there’s a yr old here. I’m the so I have to stay ahead a little. Was I looking for it? Not on purpose. Just jumped out at me. Having to read yr old’s memes and laugh at them means I have to understand them, which requires constant symbol reading. this one was simple. But some of the spongebob memes? ugh.


I’m a closet linguist and subculture studier so to understand the strange ways of peoples (usually internet subcultures), I learn to read their languages and behaviors. I loved the MLG thing from 2011-2013-ish. That was fun. Weird hobby of mine.


“Śūnyatā motherfucker!” *boom*

So many cringey possibilities for a gun-toting Buddhist renegade whose purpose in life is to send people to their empty place.


mlg noscope momgetthecamera – youtube poop… – basically it’s a whole series of symbols put together a certain way that some people find funny. [I did too once I ‘got it’].

Started with the “Major League Gaming” thing in video game culture. Some intense competitions between games and it developed a style of videos that was loud and over the top, probably around 2009 or so. By 2011 it was commonplace and 4th graders with video editors were making these videos right alongside the 20-smething year old seasoned gamers. Had common in-jokes, common humor, common themes.

It’s still around. Look up 360 noscope on youtube or MLG and you’ll find millions of them.



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