He’s nice as long as you say “Yes, Mr. Trump”. It’s standard “kiss the boss”.

He’s nice as long as you say “Yes, Mr. Trump”. It’s standard “kiss the boss”.

if you believe the alpha/beta male dichotomy (I don’t ’cause [insert reasons]), it’s a recipe for creating betas.


Well, for the sake of the USA, I can only hope so. I’m banking on there being enough of the governmental support structure existing to clean up whatever messes he makes and provide corrections for any errors for him, so that in the end, we end up doing well.

I don’t like this current market bubble though. It’s going to be a nasty correction. But we’ll get through it.


We’re in the era of personality cult and his personality doesn’t thrill me, but I know America is already a strong country and can work with whatever we get. I think we’ll do ok.


I did investing from 1999-2002, and sat on it ’til 2014, beating the markets through the various corrections, including 2008.

My strategy was long-term but I used it short term and it worked. Contrarian.

A boss gave me this book and another one outlining energy futures with Enron and such. Every company profiled went to crap in the dot com bust.

I knew not to listen to my boss and didn’t.

This isn’t to say that “maybe this time will be different” is necesarily wrong – , but the steep uphill climb over the past few months is not good. It’s been inflated artificially by exaggerating domestic disturbances, which… well, I don’t need to go into market bubble surfing.

Point is, the markets are emotional.


if you take a longer view, you can see something more precarious.

I just looked at these chart two days ago. I haven’t been following charts for years. Last time I did was 2002 when I moved to Florida and just let my stocks do whatever they were gonna do, and picked away at them as needed.

I could be wrong. I hope I am.


The 94 million un/under-employed/alt.employed are definitely room for improvement.

But are larger Walmarts and Hardee’s with a reduction / elimination of minimum wage the answer?

I think we’ve left the era of “the employer takes care of the people” long ago. I don’t know if we can return to it.



I suspect we’ll go to negative interest rates. *That* will prove interesting but I don’t think would end up well if we do.


I know how they work :) But I don’t see where the higher interest rates will come from.

One thing that I *can* see working is that the administration successfully sells the citizenship on “temporary austerity” – a “hey, we’re fixing things here. Just stick with me through these tough times” and provide vouchers to take care of some basic needs and do some money shifting that way.

I expect some privitization of government functions, which will put more money temporarily in the feds coffers. Shutting down a number of departments or curtailing them will provide FREE MONEY for the feds to work with, as the people are cut off to fend for themselves with a voucher check for various services in private industry.

In the meanwhile, one might hope that this free fed money will used properly.

But that’s my main concern with this administration: despite apparent transparency (twitter, the equivalent of fireside chat), all indications seem to be (to me) that we’ll end up with a closed boardroom style government, with no media (of any kind) allowed.

Villianizing the media in the campaign was brilliant as it keeps them out.

So what will happen with the free money from shutting down various government services and privatizing?

Without transparency or oversight, I don’t know. That’s what concerns me.


One could say “can’t be any worse than before”, and maybe so. But I don’t know. Trusting a businessman to use money properly isn’t something I believe in. Not that I’d trust a government to do so either, but a businessman even less so.


I believed in H. Ross Perot once though. Twice actually. *If* Trump does a Reform party style overhaul, *maybe* it’s possible. But there has has to be accountability. “Wait and see” is the opposite of that.


I haven’t followed MSM for years but the offerings from the ‘alt press’ aren’t much better. Pick the bullshit team you prefer as it were.

I keep an ear out on all sides but lightly. I look for bias, trying not to get too into the nitty gritty details of things because it’s easy to get lost in the world of “he said / she said”.


He didn’t know how hard it would be, it’s true. He got slammed by the press and rumors and there were a lot of issues he was unprepared to deal with at the time.

He did something that Trump didn’t do: Perot tried to be consistent and honest but didn’t know how to handle things he knew nothing about.

But by the time he came back in, he had educated himself.

Trump’s success in the campaign is that he’s a grade A BS artist and had no trouble saying whatever it took to get people to support him.

When he gave his speech in florida and was like, “haha, yeah, remember some of that shit I said during the campaign? Yeah, well, we don’t need any of that now”, people still supported him regardless.

Being able to take a standard politicians tactic of lying to peoples’ faces successfully was one of the things that helped Trump along. That, and a Republican was pretty much guaranteed a win in 2016 regardless.

I don’t expect him to suddenly “get honest” now. But in that sense, he’s more than prepared to be President.


Early 90s, I had to listen to him every single freakin’ day at my job at the print job in my hometown. Am 770 NYC.

My boss hated him and would yell at the radio daily for hours while I tried setting up shitty local work on an old Macintosh with Pagemaker.

Couldn’t stand him then or now. His pseudoconservatism is mild compared to today’s pseudoconservatim so _maybe_ I could tolerate his smarmy voice a little better. Just as long as he never said “shillary” again. I heard it in ’93/94. When I started hearing it again in 2015 I thought I hit a freakin’ time warp.


His best friend was https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Grant_(radio_host) and had a show in the morning before Rush’s afternoon show.

Funny thing about Bob Grant: He was a racist asshole on the radio, would slam the phone on people, call them names, etc. Total radio shock jock.

But in person? Nice a pie and didn’t believe 80% of what he said on the radio. It’s entertainment.

Bob Grant came to our print shop two/three times a week and would hang out. Henny Youngman sometimes came down too. [he was very old by then but so was my boss and Bob Grant too. I was like 20 at the time].

Why did my boss listen every day? Well, partly because the radio happened to be on the same station to listen to his friend but also for the reason Howard Stern once said: “1/2 my listeners love me and that’s why they listen. 1/2 my listeners hate me and that’s why they listen”.


I can’t listen to one-sided political opinions for too long. Same reason I don’t watch youtube political commentators. I’ll skim read an article or two but it’s basically gossip to me and my ears get tired of gossip quickly.


Nothing wrong with that. It’s like having someone talking directly to your brain, giving you opinions to think about, debate with inside your head or with other ppl.

As a teenager, I was on a Howard Stern kick, a few years with Rush in the early 90s at my job. After that job, I tried NPR on for size for a bit once for about a year. I could see the appeal of it – very soothing style.

But then I just kinda stopped and never got back into radio, although when I’d tune into some talk every few years, I’d find it interesting.

But I’m a junkie about other things. I’ve gone through phases: a few years with the Science channel (stopped after they started getting on an anti-religion kick cause to me that was out of place and tainted it), been on Wikipedia kicks and of course social media. FB is on and off again, finishing off a 3 year addiction to Vine (’cause they’re shutting down :( ) – had a Google+ addiction before both of those…. so I understand getting into these kinds of habits.


The most financially productive time is when I was on an investment kick.

Three years I was a junkie with stocks. I was gonna be The Master at it and I’m proud of how I did. If I ever got into it again, I’d enjoy it again. But even if I never did, it feels good knowing how I feel about things and where I stand.


Kids today get a similar thing with Youtube stars. My 11 yr old nephew’s got a few favorite youtubers and he can tell me their life histories, talk about old shows they did and such. Youtube personalities are the radio stars of today.

One guy just tells stories of his childhood. His experiences with owning hamsters as a kid. Or troubles at school. Now the youtuber is probably in his early 30s maybe? But to my 11 yr old nephew it’s like listening to an Uncle telling stories, and the guy is an animator and makes good animations.

It’s amazing to consider all of the different people that make “us” up, our opinions, our feelings, our thoughts. All of these stories from other people combine with our own and make us who we are. I find the whole process fascinating.



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