He’s a rich gossipy shit who preys on the naivety of those who believe him and his fangirls will follow him wherever he goes.

The dude’s not being censored. He’s starting up a new brand and funding his own shit like he should.

He’s a rich gossipy shit who preys on the naivety of those who believe him and his fangirls will follow him wherever he goes.

He knows how to play the victim card to many suckers who adore him. Lots of people like the Kardassians too. Same thing.


Oh Milo’s a prick who doesn’t believe a word he says. It’s edgy British humor which Americans believe too easily. But he’s getting old. I’ve been seeing him littering my feed for about three years now.

He’d be fine as a stand-up comedian except he’s not very funny. Neither is Sarah Silverman though. I’m more for George Carlin.

[actually, Carlin’s old too. Dead – and really his later stuff was too cranky]


Dude, you’re not shocked by anything. Please. Nothing more pathetic than feigning offense.

Don’t agree with him? He’s a bullshit artist. Why would I?


He only started pissing me off when GENUINE conservatives started quoting his shit. Before that, he was a nobody preaching to nobodies who actually *believed* he meant what he was writing.

But when real people started sharing his posts, I was like, “Don’t share his stuff please. You’re gonna look REALLY stupid one of these days”. It was just a matter of time.

When he showed up on Maher, another prick I don’t watch, I knew Milo was doomed and would have to re-market himself ’cause he’s not TV material yet with his shit past.

As his own brand though, he’ll do fine in the world of gossip.


yawn* – he’s a big boy Miklaus. He’s not “censored”. He’s playing the system. Both sides. He knows the game.

Censored? Shit, I can’t get away from hearing about him. or from him.

Look, I’m uber liberal. But I respect real conservatives who don’t get caught up in the gossip game of Alex and Milo.

He’s a British tabloid columnist, nothing more.


What’s his censorship? He got banned from Twitter for being an iinciteful asshole, the guy who cries “fire” because he can then complains he’s censored.

He couldn’t speak at a campus. Boohoo. There’s a MILLION other venues and he exploits them all.

I like Don Quixote too. But man, you could pick a better cause than Milo’s. Makes you look like a perv from the outside, even if you’re not.


I’m saying this for you. You’re known by the company you keep and defend. Do *I* think he’s a perv? Probably. And not very particular either. Shows in his character. But beside that, doesn’t matter. The *perception* that he’s a perv, and you’re defending a perv, implicitly makes you a perv.

Doesn’t matter if you’re not, he’s not, or Michael Jackson’s not. The idea’s out there. For your sake, find a better cause. This is dead end imo.


If defending a rich troublemaker who is not only showing up EVERYWHERE but whose brand is growing stronger and stronger by the second is your thing, go for it.

I don’t think he needs any help. You should see the fangirls on his posts. He does just fine.


It’s a show. He plays the sympathy card while constructing his brand. He plays it well. I’ll give him credit where it’s due.


I don’t have anything in common with an Establishment news organization and their editor. I’m just a guy on the internet.



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