Here’s why you shouldn’t play games with Bills:

Here’s why you shouldn’t play games with Bills:

A bill was introduced that would change Selective Service – the card every man in the USA gets at the age of 18 – the one that says, “IF there’s a draft again, you’re going in” – to include women as well.

It was introduced to “prove a point” by Republicans about full equality of the sexes, a bill introduced almost sarcastically.

But, guess what? It passed. Fellow Republicans thought it’d be a pretty good idea to have equality in the armed forces. Now that women can serve in every area of the military without exception, they SHOULD serve if it became required.

Honestly I think _keeping_ Selective Service is kinda ridiculous. I held my breath between the ages of 18-26 at times, when I’d look at the news and hear of some conflict we were a part of… certain that they were going to use that card sitting n my wallet.

Maybe it serves a purpose. I dunno. But in any case, it shows that you should never assume people are going to agree with you. It was “sarcasm” in a Bill and the sarcasm was taken seriously. It ended up sounding like a pretty good idea. So, get ready for war: looks like it really _is_ everybody’s army now.

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