“Here’s today. Here’s what we see. Here’s stuff from the past. Based on what we know of today, this is what was the past.”

I can’t speak for Amanda, although her reasoning for her conclusion is *far* more rigorously stated than mine. I’ve accumulated my opinion over years of observation. [I basically study how people tell stories, likely more from a psychological POV / personality POV / ‘what’s their agenda POV’ / who are they unknowingly the voicebox for POV more than anything]

It’s not that their stories aren’t possible, but the way they get there seems to be back-projecting bias.

“Here’s today. Here’s what we see. Here’s stuff from the past. Based on what we know of today, this is what was the past.”

This _could_ be ok, if the biases we have are weeded out. But they aren’t.

There’s mythology within each of the sciences, some more than others. They’re necessary mythologies in order to continue their research.

For example, in physics, you have a point. But there is no such thing as a point. But it’s a necessary myth.

Some branches of the sciences have more myths than others.

Evolutionary biology is full of them.


Oh, I’ve been online too many years to be agitated by anything on my computer. Been here since 1989 and I don’t think there’s a discussion topic I haven’t talked about or personality type I haven’t encountered.

Any perceived agitation about me from you must amount to psychological projection from you and not an accurate analysis of my personality state. tongue emoticon


People in forums are notoriously awful at reading intent or internal psychological states of those they write to. Professionals get it wrong enough and amateurs even more so. It’s not worth the effort, except perhaps as a little jab in the arm to continue discussion for whatever reason one continues otherwise dead sidetrack conversations. I do it because I enjoy your personality type. It’s a neverending source of amusement.


[notice my pattern: I acknowledge the possibility that you might be correct in your assertion without actually agreeing to it, and then I switch over to minimizing both its importance and that of my own response].

and yeah, I do pat myself on the back a lot. I’m a tad narcissistic. Endearing to some, off-putting to others. Oh well smile emoticon



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