Here’s one I waited a LONG LONG time for:

I suppose if anybody’s in a position to “make it so”, he’s in the right place with the right money, the right company, the right minds, the right technology, the right part of the country.

[you wouldn’t see any of that coming out of New Jersey where I came from or the part of Florida that I’m in]

I tend to keep up with “big announcements” on developing prototypes, then i watch for a few years to see if any products come out based upon the prototypes.

Here’s one I waited a LONG LONG time for:

It’s from 1995. We’re finally at it now. I guess my impatience is the main thing. I’m like a kid at Christmas. “Ooh, there’s the prototype! is it here yet? is it here yet? It’s NOT HERE YET? Awwww.” Over and over again tongue emoticon

You have to skip ahead to see it in action about 5 minutes I think.

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