Here’s my eye popping experience:

Here’s my eye popping experience:

1990/91: Went to a “objectification of women in media” seminar. About three hours long. It was well done: it effectively proved to me how women are objectified in media. It was very detailed, and some parts made people throw up and leave. [they showed an extended rape scene from an 80s movie – Roadhouse? I think it was. Only ever saw that part there at the seminar].

Anyway, at the end of the whole thing, the 1/3 of us that didn’t throw up and leave, (I was one of the very few guys there) – they had a “Rape prevention” tips show.

Well, I wanted to see it so I stayed.

They had demonstrations of martial arts techniques, stuff like that. But one thing in particular haunted me:

Instructor held two grapes in her hands. “Go for the eyes: Practice on grapes in your dorm room” POP POP went the two grapes with her thumbs.

That was the last time I wore contacts and went back to glasses.

I was afraid I’d be walking back to the dorm at midnight from the computer lab and a women who was at that seminar would misconstrue me walking too close past her as an aggression. and… pop pop.


Oh she explained that as well. But the main point was to get used to the feeling of pushing into wet grapes until they pop so that you won’t hesitate for a second if you’re accosted by an attacker.


even if there’s no threat of blindness of popping, doesn’t matter. I don’t want anybody’s thumbs going near my eyes tongue emoticon It was just the kind of thing I _never_ thought I’d see someone INSTRUCTING people to do.



Yeah, she went over that too. Bunch of things. All of that was fine. How to pull someone’s arm around their back and break their fingers. Ok, I could see that. Nut crushing, I could see that. Punch the throat, kick the back of the knee… all made sense.

It’s just the eyes; I’d never considered that. It was in the same category as, “And if he attacks you, I want you to pull his fingernails off. If you have a nail file handy, just shove it between the nail and the fleshy part of the finger, jam it in and twist.

Here’s some laminate countertop you can practice on”



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