Here’s a braindump I did back on Nov 20 2013,

I do “braindumps” in various ways. Here’s a braindump I did back on Nov 20 2013, which was 7 months of google searches in 6.8 seconds. I had to tap REALLY short so I wouldn’t use to much time to catch them all. I think I really ended up catching about 200-250 sites I’d visited but even at a quick glance of this, it brings me mentally back to the stuff I was researching at the time.

One frame at a time. I went through the bookmarks, loaded up a page, took a quick shot of it, then the next one. It didn’t take long, maybe an hour or so. Vine was more primitive at the time: it didn’t have any editing capabilities really and no upload, so I just had to do one at a time.

I was a bit disappointed at the loss of resolution upon compression but I’ve used that technique to captures whole books at the library in a small space of time as well.

Explode the frames, and it works as a cheap and easy data storage. Low resolution but it’s often enough.

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