Here you go Ahmad Nawaz Drew

^Here you go Ahmad Nawaz Drew this for you. Consciousness is A. Learning is F. Awareness happens in A – and awareness is simply a subjective "higher or lower" of A – more aware/less aware is subjective based a set of assumptions sitting in C. Indigo Prodigy are people who tends to their A more centered towards C rather than B – they live in their heads and process things much more thoroughly. Models of Mathematics only confined to theory? They are identical to fiction in English but spoken in the language of Mathematics. For a proof that satisfies the C (assumptions/prejudice/predictions) of a group of people – but really a group of individuals who's C is all in agreement with one another – there requires either a) a declaration that "This is Truth and no longer Fiction" by the group or b) things from the B based on the F loop that cause their C's to be the agreement where they can declare "This is Truth and no longer Fiction".

Question 2 requires some existing studies and charts and drawing lines between them, the chart remade for a sampling at different time periods and lines drawn over time to complete the set of patterns desired.

There. Done. :)^

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