Here. Wreck me.

Here. Wreck me. Dig deep and find the most awful things you can say. I’m online and talk to a lot of ppl but I dont get hate comments like I used to, and I liked coming up with clever comebacks to people who thought they were gonna leave me
‪#‎rekt‬ – I mean, how many times can you hear “40 year old pedophile lives in basement with no life go kys grow up”. I correct their age mistake, inform them them I’m not a pedophile, and thank them for their life advice. They usually block me ’cause they lost, although I’ve made quite a few friends who started off with “yo momma” type things. “you look like someone who..[x], [y], [z].

Some originality plz. I’ll judge you back and let you know if:

a) I’ve heard it before
b) give suggestions for improvement.
c) congratulate you for your originality, if any.

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