Here it is:

Here it is:

Six months before I had the idea, this guy filed it. It was “it”.

Then I realized, “Well, a good idea is a good idea is a good idea whose time had come. He just beat me”. —- after a week or so of feeling deeply disappointed and angry first.

I saw a million dollar idea, so did he. After that, I realized that ANY good idea I have… SOMEBODY OUT THERE already thought it, most likely. Thousands of people probably thought it. Perhaps millions.

So I changed how i look at things. Now, I view them as my employees in a fictional corporation. Thomas Edison ish. That way, when I see “MY GREAT IDEA” out there I can be relieved to see they finished my project for me.


I’m lucky. I only had hand-drawn sketches and descriptions. I had the name of a patent lawyer BUT FIRST, I wanted to look for myself.I didn’t want to find it and I didn’t at first. But when I looked at “pending review” or whatever early stage 1 was just after filing filter, I saw it. Read EVERY WORD. Shit. Identical, like totally.

I was going all in. I had the income at the time (back then, don’t even think about trying unless you have at least $55k/yr income – now it’s up to $72k/yr minimum income to go from an idea to a product, which is at the low-end of middle-class USA 2019)Glad in retrospect. This guy worked for a big corp. I did too but mine wasn’t supporting me.

It was 1000 years ago now, back when windows 2000 was king and Microsoft Office 2K was the shit. My boss thought Enron was a “good investment” and that the Dow is sure to hit 30000 by 2001.

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