Here are the top three possible topics/paradigms for each group:

Here are the top three possible topics/paradigms for each group:

1. Self-help techniques, Spiritual growth, Theories of causality
2. Metaphysics, Philosophy of time, Comparative religion
3. Quantum mechanics, Astrobiology, Theoretical chemistry
4. Machine learning, Virtual reality games, Board game strategy
5. Social psychology, Public policy, Behavioral economics
6. Cognitive neuroscience, Neural networks, Visual perception
7. Art therapy, Game design, Film history
8. Working memory, Social cognition, Poetic forms
9. Educational psychology, Scientific revolutions, Big data
10. Space exploration, Time travel, Post-apocalyptic fiction
11. Child development, Anxiety disorders, Cognitive-behavioral therapy
12. Persuasive writing, Rhetorical devices, Lyric poetry
13. Ontology, Formal logic, Philosophy of space-time
14. Critical thinking, Stress management, Human-computer interaction
15. Distributed systems, Interpersonal communication
16. Relativity theory, Visual rhetoric, Digital libraries
17. Time perception, Cognitive load theory, Philosophy of education
18. Free will and determinism, Existential phenomenology, Biophilic design

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