Here are the grouped concepts, along with some connections to the existing Kenneth Udut information:

Here are the grouped concepts, along with some connections to the existing Kenneth Udut information:

1. ADHD, Focus, and Cognition: adhd timing, difficulty connecting symbols to objects, focusing on those who cannot focus, hyperfocus, increased theta power adhd, I have trouble focusing on reading, brain chemicals involved in adhd autism anxiety, lack of default network suppression in ADHD Connection: Kenneth Udut’s difficulty with set switching and potential ADHD.
2. Neuroscience and Brain Regions: hippocampus, anterior hippocampus, entorhinal cortex, dlpfc, basal ganglia, insula, cerebellum, subplate, corpus callosum, allocortex, periallocortex, inferior parietal cortex, inferior colliculus, striatum Connection: General interest in neuroscience and brain functions.
3. Music and Creativity: playing piano in the mind, improvising mind, improvisational pianist right dlpfc, insula musician, musical creativity and the motor system Connection: Kenneth Udut’s appreciation of music and creativity.
4. Emotion and Mental Health: eudaimonic, anxious misery, anxiety, autism, interoception in anxiety and depression, affective consciousness in animals Connection: Kenneth Udut’s experience of DEP cycles and potential anxiety.
5. Philosophy and Concepts: abstract object theory, conceptual schema, emanationism, epistemological essentialism, essential inference, Edmund Husserl, Franz Brentano, Alfred Tarski, cultural schema theory, agnosticism and panentheism Connection: Kenneth Udut’s interest in philosophy and abstract ideas.
6. Perception, Memory, and Imagination: animacy psychology, figure-ground sensory perception, gist perception, event onset, doorway effect hippocampus, sensory-memory, introspection, intuition, imagination Connection: Kenneth Udut’s experiences with DEP cycles and how they relate to memory, perception, and imagination.
7. Time, Decision-making, and Inference: neural correlates of time, anatomy of time, time perception, time processing, decision-making, causal inference, inference in the brain, interoceptive inference Connection: Kenneth Udut’s interest in how time and decision-making processes are related to cognitive functions.


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