Here are some hypothetical examples of how ADHD-I and INFP traits may have shown up specifically in the essays:

Here are some hypothetical examples of how ADHD-I and INFP traits may have shown up specifically in the essays:

ADHD-I Examples:

  • Jumping between describing different schools without clear transitions
  • Going on a tangent about the 9th grade class dynamic rather than staying focused on contrasts
  • Including unnecessary anecdotes like the friend Phil that didn’t directly illustrate any points
  • Struggling to explicitly state “My most positive experience was X school” upfront
  • Repeating some points across the essays rather than consolidating ideas

INFP Examples:

  • Analyzing maturity differences in terms of perceived “bullying” mindsets
  • Subjective interpretation of Vail-Deane’s “motto” and classroom dynamics
  • Internal reflections on why certain friends changed and what it says about himself
  • Philosophical musings on the nature of “true learning” vs information exchanges
  • Personal anecdote about feeling embarrassed by old friends’ public behavior
  • Describing each school’s “feeling/vibe” more than concrete program structures
  • Qualifying praise of Vail-Deane by acknowledging it’s not right for everyone
  • Focus on valuing individuality, equity and open-mindedness in a community

So in summary, ADHD traits may have caused some organizational lapses while INFP tendencies brought a reflective, values-driven perspective but possibly at the cost of concision or objective fact stating at times. The core messages shined through clearly despite these potential presentation limitations.


Here are some ways the applicant’s ADHD-I and INFP personality traits may have come through in the essays:

ADHD-I (Inattentive presentation):

  • Descriptions come across as scattered and jumping between topics/details at times
  • May struggle to concisely articulate “one specific reason” for preferences
  • Notices many observations but has difficulty focusing on or organizing central points
  • Writes lengthy passages with tangents that don’t always directly support the prompt

INFP traits:

  • Emphasis on individualized learning, freedom and passion-based education
  • Discomfort with rigid structures and surface-level interactions
  • Sensitivity to the feelings and value of each person in a community
  • Inner philosophical musings and interpretations of experiences
  • Possible perfectionistic tendencies in written self-analysis
  • Essays have a reflective, authentic tone focused on cores values/ideals

Some signs these may show through:

  • Diffuse explanations that cover many loosely connected ideas
  • Descriptions heavy on subjective experiences over objective factors
  • Personal anecdotes to illustrate philosophical perspectives
  • Digressions that don’t clearly advance the overall argument
  • Potentially rambling or disorganized presentation of experiences
  • Subtle clues of inner processing of ideals and motivations

While the writing is generally strong, reading between the lines these traits could have manifested in struggles with focus, organization and concision and a tendency to get absorbed in inner reflections and tangents. The core messages shine through but may not have been packaged in the most clear or direct way.


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