Here are some alternative representative objects I would suggest for the 13 frameworks:

Here are some alternative representative objects I would suggest for the 13 frameworks:

1. Self-Thinking (Thinking): A mirror, representing self-reflection and understanding one’s thought processes.

2. Self-Magic (Magic): A virtual reality headset, representing the interaction with technology and how it shapes perception.

3. Self-Friends (Friends): A friendship bracelet or intertwined hands, representing relationships and social connections.

4. Self-Creation (Creation): A blank canvas, representing the ability for creative expression and projection of ideas.

5. Self-Nature (Nature): A seashell, representing exploring the natural world and interconnectedness of life.

6. Self-Health (Health): A heart, representing nurturing one’s physical and mental well-being.

7. Self-Space (Space): A telescope, representing exploring the cosmos and humanity’s place in the universe.

8. Self-Inventor (Inventor): A puzzle, representing problem-solving, creative thinking and innovation.

9. Self-Earth-Friend (Earth-Friend): A recycling symbol, representing environmental stewardship and care for the planet.

10. Self-Play (Play): A kaleidoscope, representing learning, development, and the joy of play.

11. Self-Artist (Artist): A pair of ballet shoes, representing self-expression through art forms like dance, music, sculpture, etc.

12. Self-Learner (Learner): A graduation cap, representing gaining knowledge, intellectual growth and cultivating a lifelong love of learning.

13. Self-Soul (Soul): A lotus, representing spiritual and personal enlightenment, transcendence of self, and attainment of wisdom.

These are just my suggestions – there are many possible representative objects that could symbolize each framework. Please let me know if you have any other ideas or prefer different objects. I can provide additional options and recommendations.

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