Here are 20 pithy statements about orthogonality:

Here are 20 pithy statements about orthogonality:

1. Orthogonality untangles interdependencies to expose core dimensions.

2. An orthogonal system is a matrix of possible combinations waiting to be instantiated.

3. Orthogonality opens up new degrees of freedom.

4. Orthogonality enables specialization by isolating elements from each other.

5. Perpendicular axes provide a stable frame of reference.

6. Orthogonality promotes evolvability by allowing independent variation.

7. Orthogonal elements can be composed and recomposed in novel ways.

8. Orthogonality facilitates modularity by decoupling interfaces.

9. Orthogonality helps define the boundaries between system elements.

10. Seeking orthogonality reveals a system’s fundamental building blocks.

11. Orthogonality engenders abstraction by stripping away unnecessary constraints.

12. Orthogonality is independence by design.

13. Orthogonal elements can be optimized separately and then combined.

14. Complexity emerges from the interplay of simple, orthogonal parts.

15. Perfect orthogonality is an asymptotic goal, not an achievable state.

16. Orthogonality is a means, not an end in itself.

17. Orthogonality involves tradeoffs between independence and other design goals.

18. Orthogonal systems exhibit both unity and diversity.

19. Orthogonality acts as a lens for both understanding and creating order.

20. An idea’s longevity depends on its orthogonality to other ideas.

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