helped somene with programming

That should work

for ($Level=1, $k=1; $Level<=200 ; $Level++, $k+=$Level*$Level) {echo ‘ExperiencePointsForLevel[‘.str_pad($Level,1,’0′,STR_PAD_LEFT).’]=’.($k).'<br /><br />';}


For cringe factor:

Level = 1
k = 1
10 Level = Level + 1
K = Level * Level
Print “ExperiencePointsForLevel”; Format(Level,’000′) & chr$(13) & chr$(10) & chr$(13) & chr$(10)
If Level = 200 goto 30
Goto 10
30 END
This1 = 100
This2 = this1 * .5
This1 = This2

Something like that.
I haven’t used PHP in a few years but I’m usually pretty free about adding extra variables when needed. It’s like sorting things in real life: If you’re sorting with bins and you need to subsort, get another bin to do the sub-sort in.

Might be slight memory cost but I never saw an issue with adding/discarding temporary variables. Each language is different though.
Oh, there’s got to be a rounding features.

In excel, it’d be =ROUNDUP(a1) or =ROUNDDOWN(a1) and I think there’s a few others, where you can specify decimal places and stuff.

Might also be something to force an integer like INT(x) or whatever.
ood stuff there. Last time I did a server was a Minecraft server for 25 months. Took over my laptop and all of my free time. Worth every moment though and I LOVED putting together the website for it. [I made connections to the game, live updates, login, IRC chat… even had a map plugin but that was starting to impact the server so I stopped that].

I have Unreal on my “someday” list but not on this ancient laptop.
It was way back – mid 2012. It was the first game I ever saw of its kind. I wasn’t a gamer – still not a gamer – but I liked the ‘newness’ of it. I’d avoided it since 2011 when I first got tempted. Then my nephew turned 6.5/7 and showed an interest, wanted me to start a server because he saw some youtube videos.

Next thing I know, two years and tens of thousands of people connected to my laptop and played on my server. good fun.

Ah! Appears related to – interesting! I’m on the fence about it honestly. I definitely lean towards it strongly although I’m not 100% there either.

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