helped my ADHD. Speedy things did.

Smoking weed never helped my ADHD. Speedy things did. Cigarettes, coffee, other things. Pot is a depressant… more like heroin on the scale of things – and it made me more hyper.

[I’m not suggesting cigarettes… shitty habit – but nicotine does offer benefits to ppl with ADHD and with vapes and stuff, there’s other ways to get it… and probably other things that are better. But cigarettes man, they ARE addictive as hell.

They help focus and concentration in a big way. Part of it is the breathing – slow breathing in, slow breathing out – just like meditation does…. and part is the speediness of it.

Of course I could get the same breathing effect by stuffing a sock in my mouth and breathing through it. Meh, maybe I’ll quit one of these days, or switch back to vaping.. I dunno. whatever. tongue emoticon

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