He’ll be the bitch of the Constitution just like all the rest of them. Root all ya like.

like a boss *yawn*. Catchphrase died out 3 years ago, barely hanging on since 2011.

So he becomes pres or not. He’ll be shackled by the same checks ‘n balances as every other president before him. He’ll be the bitch of the Constitution just like all the rest of them. Root all ya like. He’ll be a tamed beta like the rest of ‘em.


Thing is though, it doesn’t really matter much. It could go Hillary. It could go Trump. In the whole grand scheme of things for the USA, outside of WHO we’re gonna bomb somewhere, not much changes for most citizens.


Oh I have opinions, Ignatius. I’m expressing. You idealists are fun and all but the head-in-the-clouds thing is the stuff of Disney.


Constitution > Trump.
It’s the dog and pony show. Happens every four years.
BIG PROMISES, infant penis sized delivery.

It’s true for them all. It’s a good, powerful system. It allows people like Trump to say all they want then get their wings suitably clipped so he can’t fly any of his promises through the system.

He can’t break the system either.

Trump is too weak for that.


Do Rinse.
Do Lather.
Goto TOP:


damn thomas, who cares. Trump will get his wings clipped like every president does if he gets elected. Trumps too weak. He’ll be beta like all presidents are.

Go jack off in a napkin man. Doesn’t matter who wins. Vote anyway but settle down please – you’re making all men everywhere look like raving fanatics and quite frankly, it’s embarrassing.


righteous indignation man. We all get caught in it sometimes of course, but men are supposed to be chill, calm, relaxed. i dunno; I tried reading what he wrote but it was real high strung stuff.



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